Brana Mitrovic Floyd has the last chance to win in the National Class Category Up to 785 ccm.
This game is pure hardcore.
Let's go!

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Brana Mitrovic Floyd

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Battle for Belgrade

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Fast and furious

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Meet your new friends:

Gangster Papiga

"What are these scum?"

Sekapersa Simke

Man who sell the glue.

Mile Rent A Bubreg

"How much it can develop?"

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Game Trailer

One week in the life of Branimir Mitrovic "Floyd", a young rally driver from the National Class (up to 785 ccm), dreaming of promotion to the higher category. He lives a carefree life of a Belgrade dandy boy, neglecting his girlfriend, avoiding his draft calls, and refusing to deal with any life responsibility in general. The decisive race on Saturday is all he cares about.